Banneker School
Restoration Project


Our restoration efforts are explained in the Master Plan. Thank you for our community support and the ambassadors who are helping to make
it all possible!

About the School

Given the size of the original Banneker School, it is hard to imagine many students occupying it. It is documented that in 1902 bids were sought for the construction of a new, larger educational facility. It is uncertain when the original Banneker School ceased to operate, but it is believed to be circa 1905.
The school was named for Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806), an African American who sought after knowledge in many areas, as well as fought for the freedom of his race. He was an extremely intelligent individual, most notably teaching himself about astronomy and producing several publications on the subject.

The Restoration Work


Brick by Brick - Building a Legacy

Reclaiming Our Past Restoring Our Future One Brick at a Time

Banneker School has deep roots in Parkville and we aim to preserve and celebrate that history.