Reclaiming Our Past, Restoring Our Future, One Brick at a Time


Help the Banneker School Foundation complete the restoration of the Banneker School!

To complete the restoration and site plan, the Banneker School Foundation will begin a Capital Campaign with the goal of raising $575,200. The campaign will officially kick off on November 9-12, 2022, with events related to the history of the school and its namesake. The Capital Campaign is tied to the number of bricks used to construct the outside of the school. Five young adult volunteers counted each brick on the outside of the school and determined there are 5,752 bricks. The bricks have been numbered and will sell for $100 each. Each person or organization that purchases a brick will receive a certificate with a brick number and an approximate location of the brick on the school. The bricks making up the north and south walls are reserved for individuals or organizations that would like to purchase the entire wall to receive a plaque placed on the property to commemorate the purchase.

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The Restoration Journey

The restoration of Banneker School in Parkville, MO began in the 1980s. The restoration of the school was spearheaded by the Restoration Committee formed by Mrs. Lucille S. Douglass. The Committee began the school’s restoration by transforming the school from a residence back to a school starting with removing the kitchen addition to the structure and restoring the original front door access. The Committee also oversaw the removal of the residential access door on the east side of the structure and returned it to a window, which was part of the original structure’s design. Don McMican, with DGM Consultants, PA, began serving as a restoration consultant to the Board and also shored up the southwest corner of the original structure.

In 2008, members of the Restoration Committee formed the 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Banneker School Foundation and Historic Site in Parkville, MO to continue the restoration of the school. In 2010, BeFree Architecture, LLC, developed a comprehensive site plan for the restoration of the school and the site. Following the site plan through the years, the Banneker School Foundation’s Board of Directors engaged contractors to continue the restoration.

The first task undertaken by the Board was to engage MTS Contracting to repair, rebuild and repoint exterior mortar joints of the schoolhouse. Wayne Loftin led the exterior repointing effort and continues to provide guidance to the Board regarding the restoration project.

Next, Grant Shifflett, with GS Structural, removed the existing interior wood floor, repaired the floor joists, and installed a temporary floor. GS Structural also replaced the first-floor framing, ceiling joist framing, and roof framing and installed a new roof with fire-treated wood-shake shingles.

Todd Maxwell, with Re-View Historical Windows, donated and installed period-specific windows in the schoolhouse. After the windows were installed, Russ Downing, Jr., of Downing Construction Company, graded the site around the school.

Though much has been done to restore the school, much work is still necessary to finish the restoration and open the school for visitors to experience the education of Black children in Parkville, MO prior to desegregation. The following is the work to be completed: excavate and backfill foundation wall; waterproof exterior wall (below grade only); repair, rebuild and repoint interior mortar joints; install the interior floor, remove the plaster and cementitious coating on the walls, replace fascia and eave; add flashing, downspouts and gutters; repair and install entry door; repair and install basement door; install wood flooring; install ceiling with a plaster skim coat; paint walls and ceiling; install electrical service, outlets, fixtures, and a security panel; install furnace and air conditioner, and secure property related to the site.

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February 27, 2023

Fundraising breakfast at Park University

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